Get Back to Performance with Soovu

The only wearable pain relief therapy that uses targeted waves of pulsed heat to enhance recovery and put you back in the game.

Soovu Delivers Significant Pain Relief

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relief starts in as little
as 5 minutes1

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lasting relief up to
3.5 hours2

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after one
30-minute session

1On Soothe program, Max Heat. 2On Deep program, Max Heat; when used for chronic low back pain

Is Soovu Right For You?

Use Soovu before and after rounds to increase blood flow, relax muscles and reduce pain. Soovu can be used on any flat surface of the body to temporarily relieve musculoskeletal pain, including:

  • muscle, joint pain and stiffness
  • muscular back pain
  • muscle spasms, minor sprains and strains
  • joint pain associated with arthritis
  • tendon or ligament related pain
Golfer with back pain

Relieve Pain in 3 Easy Steps



Place adhesive ring where you have pain



Magnetically attach Soovu pod



Choose your program on the app

Your best price for pain relief

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What's Included:

  • 2 HeatWave™ Pods
  • Protective Carrying Case
  • 30 hypoallergenic, latex-free adhesive rings
  • Charging cradle
  • Soovu app

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easy 30-day returns

100% satisfaction guarantee

HSA and FSA eligible

97% Would Recommend Soovu to a Friend

for people who tried Soovu at home*

Kristin S
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Kristin S

“I can put Soovu on and it feels good right away and then I forget about it. I was immediately impressed and I felt good after I had taken the Soovu Pods off and that’s never happened before with heat or cold and I thought wow, that’s a game changer.”

Erik L
Male ProfileFemale Profile

Erik L

“The first time I used my Soovu I had muscle spasms in my back, typically I need a chiropractor or massage therapy to work those out, but when I put Soovu on it really helped calm the muscles down. My Soovu has become a very useful tool for when I overdo it one way or another to help me get back to active life.”

Male ProfileFemale Profile


"I’ve got a replacement knee and my doctors told me I had to suffer through the pain. Within 20 minutes after using Soovu the pain was mostly gone, and that’s the first time in 8 years that I felt relief. Soovu is my go-to for pain.”

More Reviews

Waves of Pulsed Heat Break the Pattern of Chronic Pain

Pain may feel like part of the game, but it doesn’t have to be. Soovu’s patented HeatWave™ technology was created by pain MDs to enable high temperatures to be delivered safely and comfortably to the skin for effective pain relief.

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Tap Into Wellness

Personalize your relief with the Soovu app. Tap the area that hurts then choose the duration, temperature and program that works best for you.

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Customer Reviews for Soovu

4.4 Average Rating | 32 Reviews*

I fell in love with the Soovu product

"It not only works on the back, but works on other joints, for example my knees. For me it has worked better than my TENS units. I fell in love with the Soovu product.”


Everything is easy

“It’s a great product and a great app, everything is easy. I think the simplicity and versatility are the best-selling points and I think it can appeal to anyone no matter their approach to medicine (be it homeopathic or scientific).”

Amanda S

I would be devastated to give back Soovu

“I would be devastated to give back Soovu tomorrow because I love this device. It works for me. This is the best my lower back has felt in a long is such an easy and not habit-forming way to treat my pain. I honestly am not sure what I would do for my pain management without Soovu.”


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How does the preorder work?

Preorder your Soovu to lock in discount pricing.  Your card will be charged a $99 to lock in your special pricing, the remainder of the cost will not be charged until your Soovu System has shipped.

Can I cancel my preorder?

You can cancel your preorder any time before shipment and receive a full refund of your deposit.

How does the 30-day risk free trial work?

Try Soovu for 30 days. If it doesn’t reduce your pain to your satisfaction, or doesn’t meet your needs for any reason, simply return it within 30 days of receipt for a full refund (less return shipping).

Can I use Soovu on any part of my body?

Soovu can be used on any flat surface of the body (from the neck down) to provide temporary relief of musculoskeletal pain.

Are there clinical studies supporting Soovu safety and efficacy?

Soovu is backed by four clinical studies and over 10 years of research and development by pain management physicians at the University of Washington. For a full list of clinical studies on Soovu, please visit our Science page.

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Reduce pain. Increase possibility.

What's included:

  • 2 Soovu Pods
  • Charging Cradle
  • Travel Case
  • 30 Adhesive Rings
  • Charging Cable
  • Soovu App
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100% satisfaction guarantee

HSA and FSA eligible

*Users were compensated for their time during the trial and were asked to return the units at the end of the 8-week period.