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We asked 32 people who suffer from chronic pain to try Soovu at home for 8 weeks.*  At the end of the trial they rated Soovu an average of 4.4 out of 5-stars.  Watch and read their stories below.

Customer Reviews For Soovu

4.4 Average Rating | 32 Reviews

Soovu is a game changer

“I can put Soovu on and it feels good right away and then I forget about it. I was immediately impressed and I felt good after I had taken the Soovu Pods off and that’s never happened before with heat or cold and I thought wow, that’s a game changer.”


Commercial Real Estate Investment, suffers from chronic back pain

Soovu helps me get back to active life

“The first time I used my Soovu I had muscle spasms in my back, typically I need a chiropractor or massage therapy to work those out, but when I put Soovu on it really helped calm the muscles down. My Soovu has become a very useful tool for when I overdo it one way or another to help me get back to active life.”


Entrepreneur, suffers from arthritis, avid athlete

I bring Soovu with me and use it at work

"Soovu helps me pinpoint the area that is hurting. For me it’s instant satisfaction. I like that I can stick it on wherever I want and go on with my day, so I am not stuck on the couch. I bring the kit with me and use it at work. I let some of my co-workers borrow my pods and they swear by it, my wife loves it, it’s a great product.”


Building Engineer, suffers from chronic back pain from injury

I would definitely recommend Soovu to my friends

“I am at a desk all day long and my lower back often gives me trouble, especially after having my kids. There is a warm cosiness about having the Soovu on, as well as a nice sense of muscle release. I would definitely recommend Soovu to my friends. My husband often uses it too. I love the product so much, it’s awesome.”


Marketing Executive, yoga instructor, suffers from back pain

Soovu gave me fantastic relief

"I’ve suffered from back pain on and off for 4 years now, it’s almost always there. I don’t like to take medication and I’ve tried massage, but nothing has given tremendous relief, but Soovu gave me fantastic relief.”


Bartender, suffers from low back pain

For me, relief was pretty much immediate and long-lasting

“I recently had a baby and I’ve had a lot of lower back pain since then. Since I’ve been breastfeeding, I try to minimize medications for pain and just take an occasional Tylenol, so to have Soovu as an adjunct therapy for pain has been incredibly helpful. I’ve used heat in the past to help with pain, but Soovu is really different. You can feel the heat right away, in a very targeted place where you feel pain. Relief was pretty much immediate for me and long-lasting."


Anaesthesiologist/Pain Physician, suffers from back pain

Soovu is my go-to for pain

"I’ve got a replacement knee and my doctors told me I had to suffer through the pain. Within 20 minutes after using Soovu the pain was mostly gone, and that’s the first time in 8 years that I felt relief. Soovu is my go-to for pain.”


Retired bricklayer, avid swimmer, suffers from back pain from car accident

It’s led to an improved quality of life

“I was diagnosed with ALS and have chronic back pain as a result. Before Soovu, my pain was a 7 or an 8 out of 10, once in a while it would reach a 10 and bring me to my knees. Since using Soovu, I would put my pain in the category of a 1 or 2. Soovu has changed my mental outlook, just not having to deal with the pain. It’s led to an improved quality of life for me.”


Diagnosed with ALS, suffers from chronic back pain

I fell in love with the Soovu product

"It not only works on the back, but works on other joints, for example my knees. For me it has worked better than my TENS units. I fell in love with the Soovu product.”


Landscape Architect, suffers from low back pain

Everything is easy

“It’s a great product and a great app, everything is easy. I think the simplicity and versatility are the best-selling points and I think it can appeal to anyone no matter their approach to medicine (be it homeopathic or scientific).”


Cake Decorator, uses Soovu to on back and shoulders throughout the day

I would be devastated to give back Soovu

“I would be devastated to give back Soovu tomorrow because I love this device. It works for me. This is the best my lower back has felt in a long is such an easy and not habit-forming way to treat my pain. I honestly am not sure what I would do for my pain management without Soovu.”


Manufacturing Engineer, on her feet more than 6 hours a day for work

I wear it during activities

"I wear it during activities that used to cause me pain- yard work, cleaning! My back felt so much better if I wore it during the activities!"


Nurse Practitioner, uses Soovu at work and doing activities at home

I have never had the relief Soovu provided

“I have had back pain for many years with little to no relief with many different pain management suggestions, pills, devices, PT, etc. I have never had the relief that Soovu provided. I absolutely love the Soovu pods, I’m truly amazed at what they have done for my pain and for my daily life.”


Works in retail, typically on her feet more than 6 hours a day at work, suffers from back pain

*Users were compensated for their time during the trial and were asked to return the units at the end of the 8-week period.

Start feeling relief in as little as 5 minutes, and lasting relief up to 3.5 hours after one 30-minute treatment (on max heat, soothe and deep settings respectively, for chronic low back pain)

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