Empower your patients to better outcomes
Scientifically proven pain relief designed to help your patients take control of their pain anywhere and anytime they need it.
Our Approach
Clinically proven pain relief
Pair our wearable, drug-free system with your clinical guidance and empower your patients to manage their pain anywhere, anytime — creating better outcomes all day long.
Soovu System
On-the-go pain relief
Soovu HeatWave pods are portable, discreet, and can be used at work, rest, or play.
Mobile App
Put them in control
Personalize your relief with the Soovu app by choosing the duration and temperature that works best for you.
Heatwave™ Tech
Powerful technology
Clinically proven and patented technology created by our board-certified pain doctors.
Relief in as little as
Lasting relief up to
Reported decrease in overall pain
Participant satisfaction score
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Soovu works for most types of pain
Soovu has been clinically proven to help manage pain to levels that don’t directly impact daily life. In combination with clinical oversight, Soovu can provide remote pain management so you can help get patients to better outcomes.
Review Clinical Research
Muscular pain
Muscle spasms, minor sprains or strains
Joint pain
Tendon or ligament pain
Menstrual pain
Randomized control trials
Real-world pilot
Technology patents
Soovu Impact
Empowering people to take control of their pain.
The combination of powerful technology and a personal connection to our clinical experts and certified health coaches leads to life-changing improvements.
"I feel like the Soovu does a much better job helping me manage my type of back pain than TENS. I take less medication and I can get my day done."
Dr. ChasonOwner ReVerve Physical Therapy
Walking improvement
Sleep improvement
Life enjoyment improvement
See what Soovu can do for your patients.
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