Enhance patient outcomes with Soovu
Bring the benefits of targeted heat therapy to your patients to improve pain management adherence and outcomes.
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Meet the Soovu HeatWave™ pain management system
Wearable, drug-free and patented pulsed heat technology that’s clinically proven to provide fast, effective relief of chronic and musculoskeletal pain for on-the-go pain management.

Regular use of Soovu can help patients reduce pain and improve mobility, allowing them to more fully engage in exercise and rehab routines.
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Advanced heat therapy whenever clients need it
Soovu has been clinically proven to help manage pain to levels that don’t directly impact daily life. In combination with healthcare provider oversight, Soovu can support in-office treatment or be used remotely to manage pain and help patients reach better outcomes.
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Muscular pain
Muscle spasms, minor sprains or strains
Joint pain
Tendon or ligament pain
Relief in as little as
Lasting relief up to
Reported decrease in overall pain
Participant satisfaction score
Outcome driven
Track patient progress anytime, anywhere.
Our cloud-based reporting portal connects you to your patient’s usage data—that way you can monitor pain trends and pain management between visits.
Soovu and remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM)
The Soovu pain relief system is a FDA-registered Class II medical device that enables physical therapists to help patients better manage pain away from the office, and via remote monitoring, provides the opportunity to participate in Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) practices.
Applicable CPT Codes
CPT Code
Initial set-up & patient education
Billing Frequency (Per Patient)
Once per episode
Reimbursement ($)
CPT Code
RTM device & data transmission
Billing Frequency (Per Patient)
Once each 30 days
Reimbursement ($)
CPT Code
First 20 minutes of RTM treatment management services in a month
Billing Frequency (Per Patient)
Once per calendar month
Reimbursement ($)
CPT Code
Each additional 20 minutes of RTM treatment management services in a month
Billing Frequency (Per Patient)
Multiple times per calendar month
Reimbursement ($)
(3-month treatment period)
Approximately $437.16/patient
Partnership benefits:

Help patients out-of-office

Give patients a method to manage pain away from the clinic, for whenever it strikes.

Mobility at home

Better pain management at home leads to greater mobility between appointments.

Remote monitoring

Know usage and help improve adherence with real-time usage and outcome reports.

Appointment readiness

Warm-up muscles and reduce pain for better movement during treatment.

Easy to get started

Our partner program makes it easy to start using Soovu and integrate into your practice.

New revenue stream

Create an additional revenue stream for your practice with RTM billing.

"I feel like Soovu does a much better job helping me manage my type of back pain than TENS. I take less medication, and I can get my day done."
Dr. Chason Hendryx, DPTOwner - ReVerve Physical Therapy
Walking improvement
Sleep improvement
Life enjoyment improvement
See what Soovu can do for your patients - and your practice.
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