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Increase possibility.
Clinically proven pain relief technology designed to help take control of pain anywhere and anytime.
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Soovu Pain Relief System
Soovu is a patented wearable, drug-free pulsed heat technology and coaching system that’s clinically proven to provide fast, effective relief of chronic and musculoskeletal pain, and menstrual discomfort.
FSA and HSA eligible
HeatWave™ technology
Rechargeable battery
Developed by Pain MDs
Bluetooth® integration
Hypoallergenic adhesive rings
Soovu Impact
Empowering people to take control of their pain.
The combination of powerful technology and a personal connection to our clinical experts and certified health coaches leads to life-changing improvements.
“It feels good right away and felt good after I had taken the Soovu Pods off — that’s never happened with heat or cold and I thought wow, that’s a game changer.”
Kristin Commercial Real Estate Investor | Chronic Back Pain
“I had muscle spasms in my back and typically need therapy to work those out, but Soovu really helped calm the muscles down and has become a very useful tool to help me get back to active life.”
ErikEntrepreneur and Athlete | Arthritis
"I recently had a baby and I’ve had a lot of lower back pain. I’ve used heat in the past, but Soovu is really different. Relief was pretty much immediate for me and long-lasting.
SheenaAnesthesiologist/Pain Physician | Back Pain
Walking improvement
Sleep improvement
Life enjoyment improvement
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Soovu is available as a workforce pain management solution and as a complement to physical therapy.
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