it's time to turn up the heat on pain

Soovu’s wearable thermal neuromodulation technology and digital coaching to provide employees with fast, effective relief.

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The Soovu System

Wearable pain relief and digital coaching no matter when or where you need it.

  • Drug free pain relief anytime of day
  • Wireless, small and easy to wear on the go
  • Movement and flexibility instruction
  • Behavior coaching and support
Provide your employees with immediate relief today!
drug-free pain relief during work, rest, or play

Give your employees immediate relief today and get back to productivity

Waves of Pulsed Heat Break the Pattern of Chronic Pain

Soovu patented HeatWave™ technology enables high temperatures to be delivered safely and comfortably to the skin to help block pain and provide relief.

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relief starts in as little
as 5 minutes1

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lasting relief up to
3.5 hours2

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after one
30-minute session

1On Soothe program, Max Heat. 2On Deep program, Max Heat; when used for chronic low back pain

Relieve Pain in 3 Easy Steps



Place adhesive ring where you have pain



Magnetically attach Soovu pod



Choose your program on the app

More Effective pain relief than steady heat alone

Compared to steady heat at 99° and 104° Fahrenheit after one 30-minute treatment.

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Tap Into Wellness

Soovu treats the physical and psychological aspects of pain.

With a team of certified health coaches and physical therapists, participants build physical routines and learn to rewire their psychological response to pain.

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97% Would Recommend Soovu to a Friend

*for people who tried Soovu at home


Soovu is a game changer

“I can put Soovu on and it feels good right away and then I forget about it. I was immediately impressed and I felt good after I had taken the Soovu Pods off and that’s never happened before with heat or cold and I thought wow, that’s a game changer.”

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Our Doctors Treat Pain Differently

Soovu is on a mission to transform the treatment of chronic pain.

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