Get Back to productivity
with Soovu

heat pulsing technology that delivers fast and effective pain relief for your employees on the job and at home

pain holds your workforce back

Up to 40% of workers are dealing with chronic pain at any given moment, and 80% of adults will have back pain in their lives.

Each worker in pain can cost $8,000 or more per year in medical costs, productivity costs, and disability insurance.

Workers with opioid use disorder can cost 2X as much.

Managing pain doesn't have to mean taking medication and juggling appointments...

Soovu delivers fast and effective relief, leaving employees feeling better and able to focus without pain.

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relief starts in as little
as 5 minutes1

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lasting relief up to
3.5 hours2

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61% pain reduction
after 8 weeks3

Sources: 1) Properties of Thermal Analgesia in a Human Chronic Low Back  2.) AAPM LBP Poster 2014 3.) JPR 14 2793

The Soovu System

Soovu™is a wearable pain relief device with patented HeatWave™ technology that pulses waves of heat at optimal temperatures to the area that hurts for effective, targeted pain relief.

Combined with digital coaching and behavioral support, Soovu helps employees relieve pain and get back to being their best.

The Soovu System includes:

  1. Two wearable and rechargeable Soovu heat pods.
  2. Soovu carrying case, charger, and disposable adhesives.
  3. Soovu App with behavioral coaching, relaxation and movement training, and tracking.
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Soovu works for most types of pain

Soovu can be placed on almost any flat surface on the body to temporarily relieve moderate to severe chronic, musculoskeletal, and menstrual pain.

  • muscle, joint pain and stiffness
  • muscular back pain
  • muscle spasms, minor sprains and strains
  • joint pain associated with arthritis
  • tendon or ligament related pain
  • menstrual pain

Only Soovu uses patented HeatWave™ technology to deliver waves of pulsed heat, at precise temperatures, for targeted, effective pain relief.

targeted, effective relief


Coaching, insights, and training

Soovu participants also receive personalized asynchronous coaching support and guidance, and movement and flexibility exercises.


Wearable pain Relief on the go

Soovu's rechargeable battery allows for a day's worth of pain relief, no matter where the day takes you.

Women packing the Soovu System into a suitcase