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Soovu's heat pulsing technology reduces pain and improves mobility. Soovu can be used in conjunction with physical therapy to help patients move freely and comfortably, making it easier for them to complete their exercises with the physical therapist or at home between appointments.

"With Soovu, patients can be more active during their daily lives, have something that can move with them and give them greater relief. And Soovu can really help people stay moving and get their exercises and stretching done. I'm excited to offer this to our patients."

- Dr. Chason Hendryx, Owner ReVerve Physical Therapy
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The Soovu System

Soovu™is a wearable pain relief device with patented HeatWave™ technology that pulses waves of heat at optimal temperatures to the area that hurts for effective, targeted pain relief.

The Soovu System includes:

  1. Two wearable and rechargeable Soovu heat pods.
  2. Soovu carrying case, charger, and disposable adhesives.
  3. Soovu App with relaxation modules and progress tracking.
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Soovu delivers fast and effective relief, so people move more freely with less pain.

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relief starts in as little
as 5 minutes1

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lasting relief up to
3.5 hours2

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61% pain reduction
after 8 weeks3

Sources: 1) Properties of Thermal Analgesia in a Human Chronic Low Back  2.) AAPM LBP Poster 2014 3.) JPR 14 2793

Soovu works for most types of pain

  • muscle, joint pain and stiffness
  • muscular back pain
  • muscle spasms, minor sprains and strains
  • joint pain associated with arthritis
  • tendon or ligament related pain
  • menstrual pain
Women using Soovu application

Help your patients feel and move better

Soovu is now available through our Physical Therapist Partner Program. Contact us to learn how to get Soovu for your patients today.

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