Get Back to productivity
with Soovu

The only wearable pain relief therapy that uses targeted waves of pulsed heat to get you back to work.

Waves of Pulsed Heat Break the Pattern of Chronic Pain

Soovu patented HeatWave™ technology enables high temperatures to be delivered safely and comfortably to the skin to help block pain and provide relief.

healthcare providers

Taking Care of Others Takes a Toll On You

Soovu can provide relief from back pain before, during and after work.

Physical labor

Physical Jobs Work Your Whole Body

Soovu helps relieve aches and pains, so you can get the job done.

Service industry

Serving Customers Strains Your Body

Recover from longs days on your feet faster with Soovu to handle your aches and pains.

Office jobs

Sitting All Day is a Pain in the Neck

Get through long days at the office with Soovu to enhance circulation and muscle relaxation.


Soovu Delivers Significant Pain Relief

stop watch

relief starts in as little
as 5 minutes1

bar chart

lasting relief up to
3.5 hours2

sun light

after one
30-minute session

1On Soothe program, Max Heat. 2On Deep program, Max Heat; when used for chronic low back pain

How Would You Describe Your Pain?

Soovu works best for people with moderate to severe pain — at least a four and up to nine.

pain graph

Is Soovu Right For You?

Soovu can be placed on almost any flat surface on the body to temporarily relieve moderate musculoskeletal pain, including:

  • muscle, joint pain and stiffness
  • muscular back pain
  • muscle spasms, minor sprains and strains
  • joint pain associated with arthritis
  • tendon or ligament related pain
  • menstrual pain

drug-free pain relief during work, rest, or play

Give your employees immediate relief today and get back to productivity


Wearable pain Relief on the go

Small, wireless, and sweat resistant – Soovu can be worn under clothing.  Our rechargeable battery gives you a day’s worth of relief on-the-go.

Women packing the Soovu System into a suitcase

targeted, effective relief

Only Soovu uses patented HeatWave™ technology to deliver waves of pulsed heat, at precise temperatures, for targeted, effective pain relief.

Back with 2 Soovu devices on the lower back

Pain Relief Just Got Personal

The Soovu app puts you in control of your pain relief, just choose your desired program based on what your body needs.


97% Would Recommend Soovu to a Friend

*for people who tried Soovu at home


I bring Soovu with me and use it at work

"Soovu helps me pinpoint the area that is hurting. For me it’s instant satisfaction. I like that I can stick it on wherever I want and go on with my day, so I am not stuck on the couch. I bring the kit with me and use it at work. I let some of my co-workers borrow my pods and they swear by it, my wife loves it, it’s a great product.”

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The Soovu System

Reduce pain. Increase possibility.

What's included:

  • 2 Soovu Pods
  • Charging Cradle
  • Travel Case
  • 30 Adhesive Rings
  • Charging Cable
  • Soovu App
Get Soovu for your Employees

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Developed by pain MDs

100% satisfaction guarantee

HSA and FSA eligible